Resources on Human Trafficking

HUMAN TRAFFICKINGBOOKS:The Natashas and The Johns by Canadian investigative report, Victor MalarekThe End of Poverty by Jeffrey SachsTo Catch a Predator: Protecting Your Kids From Online Enemies Already in Your Home      by Chris Hansen For statistics on human trafficking, for further information and to find organizations that need your support the following is a list of some helpful … [Read more...]

What we know about human trafficking

Many of us assume human trafficking activity happens in countries with struggling economies and compromised human rights laws.  The reality is that human trafficking happens all over the world, including B.C.Human trafficking has an annual global market worth $42.5 billion.An estimated 12.3 million people are victims of trafficking worldwide.About 70 percent of victims are exploited sexually, 30 … [Read more...]

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery where vulnerable individuals are lured or forced into a world void of basic rights and freedoms, often a world of hidden crime where the victim fears they can never escape.Human trafficking involves a PROCESS, a METHOD and GOAL.  If one component in each category exists, the result is human trafficking.PROCESSRecruitment, Transportation, Transferring, … [Read more...]

Human Trafficking – Awareness First

by:  Canadian Crime StoppersHuman trafficking is human rights abuse at it's worst!Human trafficking can occur right in our own communities and we do not notice.  The reason we do not notice is often due to a lack of familiarity about the nature of this crime.We encourage you to firstly make yourself aware of the issue of human trafficking, and secondly, help your family and friends be aware.  By … [Read more...]