Human Trafficking – Awareness First

by:  Canadian Crime StoppersHuman trafficking is human rights abuse at it's worst!Human trafficking can occur right in our own communities and we do not notice.  The reason we do not notice is often due to a lack of familiarity about the nature of this crime.We encourage you to firstly make yourself aware of the issue of human trafficking, and secondly, help your family and friends be aware.  By … [Read more...]

Fair Trade

'Fairtrade has brought lots of changes to women's lives...we have a voice and we are listened is changing the status of women generally in the community.'  Bintu Dambile, cotton farmer, Mali WHAT IS FAIRTRADE?A simple way each one of us can make a difference through our everyday choices.  It's about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainabilityk and fair terms of … [Read more...]

2011 SI Presidents Appeal

BIRTHING IN THE PACIFIC to our Resources page under What We Do … [Read more...]

Our First Meeting of the Year!

We will meet at Chances in Abbotsford for our first meeting 6:00 pm … [Read more...]